How to join and remove membership

DABIT does not allow minors (under 19) to join our site.

PC : My Page -> Member Info at bottom of page -> Cancel your account
1) You cannot delete your account if there is remaining balance in your account.. Please withdraw all your USD, cryptocurrency remaining in your account before deleting your account.
2) After cancelling our membership, all data regarding your USD, crytopcurrency will be deleted and destroyed therefore, you will not be able to receive any airdrop event benefits (including paybacks).
3) After withdrawing membership, all the data stored in DABIT will be removed and cannot be recovered.
(However according to the governing laws that may be applicable, some information may be retained for a certain period of time, if the company deems necessary.)
4) If a member has a remaining balance in their account that is not allowed to be withdrawn, we provide a function that enables the removal of remaining balance to the account holder.

Managing your account

Members are only allowed to register their Thailand SCB accounts that DABIT Exchange has requested so we only allow 1 account per person so it is not possible to change your account. If unusual circumstances arise in which errors occur and normal transactions are not available please contact our 1:1 inquiry board.

DABIT Team does not support account recovery services.

Deposit and Withdrawals

If the delay is caused due to the slow processing of the Blockchain Network itself, it may take some time to confirm your deposit. (Usually it takes about 10 ~ 30 minutes but it may vary upon the cryptocurrency you are dealing with.)

There are no transaction fees for deposits. For withdrawals, it may depend upon the currency, however we charge according to transaction.
[Link related to Transaction Fees]

A. If you input the wrong address when making cryptocurrency withdrawal.
i. If your withdrawal request is complete, you cannot cancel it.
You may lose your precious funds, so please double check before making a deposit.
Due to the anonymity which is a characteristic of Blockchain industry, there is no way for DABIT Team to locate your coin.
B. What should I do if I input the wrong address when making a cryptocurrency deposit.
i. In case you made a mistake when making a deposit, if the account that you made the wrong deposit to does not belong to DABIT Exchange, it is not possible to recover it.

Questions related to Transactions

A. Please refer to the transaction fee info regarding DABIT Transaction Fee.
[Link to Transaction Fees]

A. Bid and offer price : The price to buy/sell coins
B. Fluctuation rate: refers to the fluctuation rate over the closing price at 24:00 of previous day according to UTC
C. Strength : (accumulated Buying volume for the day / accumulated Selling quantity for the day),
If it is 100% higher, then it signifies that the purchase volume is higher, if is lower than 100%, it means that the selling volume is higher.

You may be able to check the minimum trading amount under the information regarding “Trading and Transaction rules”.
[Link related to Transaction Information]

If the order is not complete yet, you may change the order quantity and oderer. For orders that are completed, it is not possible to modify or cancel.

In case of orders that are not completed, it will remain until it is cancelled.

DABIT trades and calculates its data based upon the UTC(universal time coordinated).


DABIT Team is open from 00:00 ~ 09:00 based on UTC standard time.
(Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays excluded. Lunch hour: UTC 03:30 ~ 04:30)